When I hear the word “potluck,” I immediately think of Ms. White’s homemade sour dough bread and Mrs. Patterson’s chocolate pie! Those are sweet memories, and not just because of the food. The local church is where we share life’s most important moments with life’s closest friends. We profess Christ and are baptized in a local church. We take marriage vows and raise our children in a local church. We watch future missionaries and pastors grow up in Sunday School classes and serve in the youth group. We send out faithful families to take the gospel overseas in local churches.

God works through local churches like the ones in the Baptist Missionary Association of America.

That’s why it is so exciting to see what God is doing right now in our association! We have more missionary families around the world than in our entire history. Meanwhile, the BMA Theological Seminary is raising up world-class preachers. And Lifeword is broadcasting in 40 languages! During recent disasters, BMAA churches have rallied to help hurricane victims. And every year we send Christmas gifts to children all over the world!

Everything God is doing through the BMAA runs through our local churches. After all, our association is the churches!

At DiscipleGuide, our mission is to help local BMAA churches grow healthy and strong. We know that the future of our world mission program depends on the health of our churches at home.

In addition to our camps, conferences, and curriculum, we offer free and low-cost consultation and training services to churches. Plus, we provide pastors and their families with a free help-line so they can always have access to Christian counsel.

We have plans to offer more resources in the near future, such as an intentional interim program and pastoral search assistance. We envision workshops and resources developed for the unique needs of bi-vocational pastors plus events specific to men and women. And we are looking forward to offering printed literature once again for youth and children. But we are going to need help.

Because we keep our prices low, we depend on offerings from churches and individuals. When you invest in DiscipleGuide, you are investing in local churches who, in return, reach the world for Christ!

God is doing wonderful things through our association. Help us feed the momentum by joining in our World’s Largest Potluck offering during this holiday season. Simply take an offering for DiscipleGuide during a church-wide holiday meal, and we will reinvest it into local churches around our association.

Just like at a potluck, when everyone brings something to the table, nobody walks away empty. It’s the same with our association. We pool our resources to help one another because we are better together.

To learn more, or to sign up your church, visit discipleguide.org/potluck or call 888.333.1442.

October 26, 2017

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When I hear the word “potluck,” I immediately think of Ms. White’s homemade sour dough bread and Mrs. Patterson’s chocolate pie! Those are sweet memories, and […]
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