SOAR 2018 First Look
January 11, 2018
Rejoice in the Lord
January 17, 2018

Excited for Big Things in Activate


Every church has something to work on, even a thriving church. The Activate Ministry through DiscipleGuide is partnering with churches across the nation to provide tools, resources, and trainings that meet pastors and congregations where they are. We’re excited for big things this year! In 2018, pastors can expect to see new ministry evaluations and materials. Churches can choose their immediate need, or we’ll provide assistance to determine where to start. Activate is for any church, big or small, growing or stuck. Joining is free, and we have a place for full-time or bi-vocational pastors. Our prayer is to help local churches be biblically-equipped to build on Christ the foundation, create strong ministry teams, disciple well, and go as God leads to reach their unique communities with the gospel.

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