Church Solutions

The mission of DiscipleGuide is to partner with local churches in the process of making disciples of Christ. Because we believe that it’s God’s plan to do His work on earth through the ministry of the local church, DiscipleGuide is committed to investing all of our resources to helping local churches reach their full potential.

Pastor’s Help


Is there hope for the local church that is plateaued or is on the decline? Yes! However, struggling churches that turn their ministries around and begin to experience growth and life-change do not do so by accident. An intentional process of evaluation and plan of action must occur. DiscipleGuide, in cooperation with BMA Missions, has developed a church re-tooling process called Activate! Designed by Ogne, Activate is a total church process that can help put declining churches on the road to health and growth.

Tuesday Talks

These online ministry teaching workshops are offered to everyone monthly as a gift from DiscipleGuide. Training sessions are taught by an experienced ministry personnel and target wide-ranging topics. Pastors will want to take advantage of this excellent tool designed to help churches do a better job of making disciples. Go to Tuesday Talks.