Kingdom Investment

Kingdom Investment Sunday is December 20, 2015

Kingdom Investment Sunday is your church’s opportunity to make an eternal investment in the lives of people in your community and in churches across the BMA that need a helping hand!

What are the goals of Kingdom Investment Sunday?

  1. We are praying for every BMA Church in America to support a ministry in their church or community.
  2. We are praying that BMA Churches will see the need to invest in helping struggling BMA churches across the country.

What is DiscipleGuide doing to help struggling churches in the BMA?

Is there hope for the local church that is plateaued or is on the decline? Yes! However, struggling churches that turn their ministries around and begin to experience growth and life-change do not do so by accident. An intentional process of evaluation and plan of action must occur. DiscipleGuide, in cooperation with BMA Missions, has developed a church re-tooling process called Activate. Designed by church restoration expert Steve Ogne specifically for BMA churches, Activate is a total church process that is helping put declining churches on the road to health and growth. 

How do you get involved with Kingdom Investment?

  1. Pray for the Lord to give you a heart for a mission your church can make an investment in right there in your community.
  2. Make your church aware of DiscipleGuide’s opportunity to help struggling churches in America.
  3. Download or play your DVD copy of the Kingdom Investment Video to show to your church.

  1. On Kingdom Investment Sunday, December 20, 2015, take a special offering. Half of the offering will be designated to help a local mission in your community. Half will be designated to help DiscipleGuide minister to declining churches in the BMA.
  2. Determine how the members of your church can get involved in the mission that you have chosen to invest in locally in addition to sending them an offering.
  3. Using the provided envelope, send the portion of your offering designated to help local churches to:

PO Box 1749
Conway, AR 72033

  1. If your church is not able to participate this year but you would still like to give, click here.

How does your church benefit from Kingdom Investment Sunday?

  1. Missions Becomes a Local Reality – Choose a local church mission close to the four walls of your church. Make people aware of the needs right at your front door.

Great Kingdom Investment projects could include…

            *A local PTA project at a public school
            *A local food bank or clothing donation center
            *A family that you are aware of that needs a helping hand
            *A project that needs to be address at your church
            *A sister church that is working on a project in your area

  1. Missions Becomes a Kingdom Reality – Making your church aware of the reality of the needs of other churches across America will create a culture of compassion for the lost in America.

*DiscipleGuide’s Activate ministry is working with struggling churches one-on-one to help them get on their feet.

*There is presently a waiting list for churches to enroll in Activate.

*The Great Investment Offering will allow DiscipleGuide to assist these churches without burdening them with more financial stress.

Kingdom Investment Video

To download a copy of the video click on the “Vimeo” logo to take you to the video on Then click the “DOWNLOAD” button.