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Welcome to Zoom Casinos
, a website dedicated to bring you all the action you can take. We cover various types of  online gambling websites that provide a myriad of exciting games – from classic casino games such as Texas hold ‘em poker or roulette, through video slots and online bingo, and all the way to sports betting and horse racing. Our policy is to include as many different categories as possible, since every player has a distinct favorites list and we take pride in serving all of our visitors equally.

Take a short tour around the website and make yourself at home. Many players visit us regularly in order to learn about the best new casino sites, find the best bonus deals, get an opinion through a detailed review or just browse around to see what is going on. We hope that you will find our contents useful enough to come back again for more hot info about gaming opportunities.

Our team is working around the clock to collect all the latest news and reviews and present them to you. That is why Zoom Casino is the best online gambling advisor you will find anywhere on the web. So let the games begin.

Bonus overview

Online gambling wouldn’t b as much fun without the possibility to grab free cash while you are playing. Here is a quick overview of different bonus types offered by sites recommended at Zoom Casino to guarantee your pleasure:

Sign up bonus

This is the most attractive kind of bonus offer in the gaming world because all you need to do to collect free money is show up at the site. In some cases, bonus can be tied to your first deposit while in other situations you get free coins even before you spend any money on the site. Zoom Casinos knows how much players like sign up bonuses and provides them with great tips.

Reload bonus

Players who decide to replenish their funds at  one of the best UK gambling sites will be pleasantly surprised to learn about regular reload bonuses that boost the value of the deposited sum. At some websites, player only gets a single reload bonus but there are others where players are given multiple opportunities to increase their budgets by depositing limited amounts of money to their online accounts. Since most players would deposit funds anyway, this type of bonus is just a welcome gift.

Casino bonus

While different casino games have contrasting style of play and diverging strategies, they all require the player to control a sufficient payroll in order to win big. Fortunately, free cash is easy to come by in the modern online casinos since each week new special promotions and bonus offers are announced. Some casino bonuses may directly add credits to player’s account and others come in the form of free play for particular casino games but they all have one thing in common – they increase chances to win real money!

Poker bonus

Sometimes, having a source of free coins is more important at the poker table than having good fortune. In the online poker circles, players who know how to put their hands on some delightful bonuses are usually the ones who rack the most winnings. From new player bonuses, through loyalty incentives and point accrual schemes to random special offers, smart poker online player has plenty of chances to collect free credits, especially with advice from ZoomCasinos.

Bingo bonus

In addition to plentiful bonus features specific for each bingo game, most online bingo providers offer their members with a selection of hefty bonuses. Typically, bingo websites you can find at Zoom Casinos like to shower new players in free money in order to build up their player base, but regulars can also count on frequent cash giveaways. Even actions such as recommending a website to a friend or clicking “like” on Facebook can bring a few extra bingo tickets!

Sports betting bonus

Similar to other types of gaming websites, online bookmakers utilize bonuses as a tool to attract and retain bettors. Almost all of them offer solid first deposit bonuses, but the best sports betting sites frequently reward their members with a variety of ways to earn free credits, from free bets to cash back offers. In the unpredictable world of sports, every bit of certainty means a lot so all bonuses are warmly embraced by the players.







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