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May 15, 2017
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Church Leaders Cruise Leadership Skills Track

Matt Perman is the author of What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done, and he will be conducting the Leadership Skills Track of the 2018 Church Leaders Cruise! His book has sold over 45,000 copies to date, and he has personally used and seen success from the biblical leadership principles that he will be speaking about on the cruise. Biblical leadership is his passion, and he explains why in the following comments:

“We will be taking a look at biblical leadership so that we can lead more fully in the way God calls us to. This means there are two things we need to understand. First, we will look at the guiding principles for leadership: Why should you lead? What is the core idea behind effective leadership? The Scriptures teach that the way we lead should be grounded in the value of people. Leadership is not just about making things happen; it’s also about building people up in the process. There are certain styles and principles of leadership that do this better than others. We will take a look at what those are. Second, we will look at the skills and practices necessary to lead well. Knowing the foundations and guiding principles is essential, but we also need to know how to translate those into action. There is a lot of good thinking and research on this today, and we will seek to learn these skills and best practices from within a biblical perspective.

“My goal in everything I do is to help people know God better. I believe that knowing God involves not just devotional fervor but also actions that do good for others and serve his people. I think a lot of times in the church we fail to recognize that doing good for others is something that requires skill. When I graduated from seminary, I thought that being effective in my work and ministry would just come naturally. But I quickly discovered that theological knowledge and passion are not enough in themselves; I also had to learn about time management and leadership if I was going to actually get things done. For a while I learned about these things almost entirely from secular sources such as Jim Collins’ Good to Great. They had many good things to say that the church was overlooking in some respects. But my pastor encouraged me to go beyond this and make sure I was doing all of this learning from an explicitly Biblical foundation. That was a good word from him, and ever since, my aim has been to look at the practical realities of leadership and management first from a biblical perspective while also gaining anything that is in line with these biblical foundations from the great secular research that is going on.

“I am very excited to speak on DiscipleGuide’s Church Leaders Cruise! Come hear me speak because the things we are going to look at will help you be a better leader. But more than that, you will learn how to walk with God in your leadership, so that it can become an act of worship and effective service to others. That gives great meaning to our leadership as well as everything else we do. I want to help you lead for the good of others and glory of God, which is the most satisfying type of leadership as well as the most effective.”

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