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November 15, 2017
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November 21, 2017

DiscipleGuide to Offer Compass Classic

Beginning this spring quarter, DiscipleGuide will offer Compass Classic, which is the traditional format of Compass. This format provides the King James printed text with no questions or blanks. For teachers, Compass Leader will be compatible with both formats.

Because DiscipleGuide will now offer Compass and Compass Classic, every adult class in your local church will be able to choose the format they prefer while all studying the same lesson. Samples of Compass Classic will be placed in every shipment of DiscipleGuide curriculum this winter so that every church can get a preview. If your church needs additional samples of the lesson, contact DiscipleGuide and we will be happy to provide additional copies.

Compass Classic is available to preorder now! Just call 800.333.1442, email info@discipleguide.org, or visit discipleguide.org/classic and fill out the preorder form. It will be offered in the regular size that fits in most bibles as well as a large print size. For more information or to request more samples, call or email DiscipleGuide at the above contact information.

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