Join us for DiscipleGuide’s World’s Largest Potluck offering. It’s easy for your church to get involved. Simply take a collection at a potluck meal during the holidays to help Discipleguide invest in local churches.

Contributions will help us continue to provide free resources such as our church revitalization services, help line for pastors, and web-casts to local churches. Plus, if we reach our goal of $200,000 we will be able to provide new services such as an intentional interim program and pastor search services to help churches without pastors. We even have plans to offer teacher trainings, provide resources for pastor’s wives, and special conferences for men and women.

As an association, we all pool our resources to help each other –just like everyone brings something to the table at a potluck–and nobody walks away hungry.

As you are thanking God for His blessing on your church this holiday season, be a blessing to other churches by participating in our Potluck Offering.

Questions and Answers

Why give to DiscipleGuide?
DiscipleGuide is a non-profit ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association of America focused on helping local churches maximize ministry. If you believe strong local churches are the key to fulfilling the Great Commission, let’s partner together!
Where does my money go?
Money raised through the Potluck offering will help DisicpleGuide provide free and low-cost resources and services for local churches and pastors such as: Church health initiatives, intentional interim services, ministry training workshops, and bivocational pastor resources. In other words, your offering will be re-invested into strengthening local churches.
But aren't you a Business?
No, we are a ministry the makes business decisions. DiscipleGuide was created to provide services and resources, not to make profits. The fees charged for curriculum, camps and conferences are kept low for the sake of churches. Our free resources and services depend upon offerings from churches and individuals. That’s what makes the Potluck offering so important.


Download the Potluck Poster
Download the Potluck Bulletin Insert
Download the Potluck Offering Sign
Download the Potluck Videos

Suggested Bulletin Announcements
· Our church family will be participating in DiscipleGuide’s World’s Largest Potluck offering on ____(insert date)______. We’re excited to partner with them and support them in their effort to equip the churches of the BMA!

· The World’s Largest Potluck is approaching! Our church will be hosting this potluck offering on ____(insert date)______. Don’t forget to bring a dish to share and an offering to support DiscipleGuide, the church help arm of the BMA!

· Our church will be hosting a World’s Largest Potluck offering on ____(insert date)______. in order to support DiscipleGuide, which is a ministry that helps grow and equip BMA churches. Come ready to hear about this essential ministry, and eat some great food!

· Come out this ____(insert date)____ and gather with us for the World’s Largest Potluck, where you will hear about DiscipleGuide, the church help arm of the BMA, and have the opportunity to eat some great good!

Promotional Ideas

Promotion Ideas
• Include the suggested announcements (above) in your bulletin for each of the three weeks leading up to the offering. Feel free to edit them as needed.
• Place the Bulletin insert in each bulletin on the Sunday morning of your potluck offering. We provide the inserts for free via the postal service, or you can download and print your own.
• Place posters in high traffic areas at eye-level. Be sure to fill out the date and church goal section. We provide free posters via the postal service, or you can download and print your own.
• Announce the potluck verbally during your services each week leading up to the offering.
• Include a PowerPoint slide including your church’s potluck date. The potluck logo and artwork can be downloaded here.
• Show the Potluck Videos in your services. Download them here.
• Share the Potluck Videos on your church’s social media. Be sure to include your church’s offering date and goal in the post.
• Send out a church email to remind people about the Potluck.
• Include a Potluck announcement in your church’s newsletter.
• Promote the Potluck with an article on your church’s website.
• Place the Potluck Offering sign at the front of the Potluck line with an offering bucket.
• Consider raising extra funds through a desert auction.